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Functional Skills Mathematics

(Entry Level 3)

Topic 11: Money


Some of these questions are simple additions to find a total cost.

For example:

£4.50 + £3.80

If you use a calculator to find this total, the answer will come out like this:

4.50 + 3.80 = 8.3

Be aware that the total is £8.30 (8 pounds and 30 pence).

The calculator does not show the final zero, because 8.30 is the same thing as 8.3

The calculator works with numbers, not with pounds and pence. You need to remember to put the zero back, for your answer to be correct. Also, remember the pound sign!

Other questions here involve calculating wages.

You may be told the hourly rate, and the number of hours worked, and asked to work out the amount earned.

For example

A job pays £10 per hour. How much would you earn in 3 days, working 7 hours per day?

To answer this you need to multiply twice.

£10 × 7 = £70. This is the amount earned each day.

£70 × 3 = £210. This is the amount earned in three days.

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