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Award in Mathematics -

Number and Measure (Level 1)

Topic 24: Timetables


Here is an example of a train timetable.


It shows eight trains. Each column represents a train.

The earliest train shown leaves Ipswich at 7:08 am, then stops at Manningtree at 7:18 am, and so on, until it arrives at London at 8:23 am.

There are two common question types. The first is like this:


What time would you have to catch the train in Ipswich to be in London by 9:00 am?

The answer is 0717, because that train arrives in London before 9:00 am (at 0840), but the next train arrives in London after 9:00 am (at 0904).

The second common question type is like this:

How long does it take the 0717 train from Ipswich to get to London?

You can work this out by breaking the time into chunks:

From 0717 to 0720 is 3 minutes.

From 0720 to 0800 is 40 minutes. 

From 0800 to 0900 is 1 hour. 

From 0900 to 0904 is 4 minutes.


1 hour + 40 minutes + 4 minutes + 3 minutes = 1 hour, 43 minutes. 

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